Services for a Changing World

RESTful Web APIs

By Leonard Richardson and Mike Amundsen with Foreword by Sam Ruby

You Type It, We Post It!

You can interact with a live edition of the "You Type It, We Post It!" web site refered to in Chapters One and Two of RESTful Web APIs. This includes following in "Alices" footsteps as she explores the web site in Chapter One. You can also use the live site to explore the "You Type It, We Post It" API covered in Chapter Two.

Feeling Adventurous?

One of the challenges at the start of Chapter Two is: "If you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and write some code to do something with [the YTIWPI] API." If you have written one or more clients to explore the YTIWPI API, we'd love to see it. And we'd love to host it at the public RESTful Web APIs repo. Just clone the repo, start a topic branch, add your example folder, and issue a pull request. We'll add it as soon as we can and announce the addition, too.